The Palm Leaf Library – Thousands of years old and an unsolved secret until today. The mystery of this place is the key subject of ‚Madras‘. The true story evolves around one of the greatest secrets of mankind.

I have been there. I left my small hometown near Berlin and discovered a legend which says, that every life story is written on a palm leaf; every life story? No – but the live story of all those people, who will undergo the long travel to one of the libraries and search for it. That is what I have done.

And this is, what I have found.

People who have read this book:

‚A fascinating book. Whoever wants to find the answer to the question: How many lives do we have? will find it here.‘

Günter Prinz, Managing Director and Chief Editor of ‚Bild‘, Germany

‚So there is my entire life written on a Palm Leaf in Madras! This book completely changed my understanding of time and space.‘

Fritz Bloomberg, Ex-Vicepresident Burda Press, New York

‚Mind blowing! The ideal book for everybody who wants to learn about the unbelievable truth behind our existence.‘