The Spirit of India is a collection of flute meditations payed with an original Indian bamboo flute. The music brings the flair of India into your world and into your heart. May you enjoy a taste of it and may you be delighted by the beautiful atmosphere of a most significant country.

Hildegard von Bingen was a German nun born in 1098 who dedicated her life to the invention of natural healing methods in all fields. Her music was used to accelerate the healing processes of her patients and to improve their well-being. Today the healing power of her beautiful shants are as relevant as ever since life speeds up, relationships become more and more impersonal and the souls source longs to be heard and healed.
This Album reaches out to all the people who long for the inner touch of hope, peace and grace. May it turn your deepest doubts into brightest light – as it was given to her for this.

The album Tao Meditation is based on the writings of Taiwanese Louis Jeng-Chun Chen. Antonia Katharina, a talented young artist from Germany who taught herself autodidactic how to play the transverse flute, interpreted such pieces masterfully. This music is an inspiration to everyone who longs to lift his spirit and find complacency. Each piece is arranged as a meditation and reveals the spirit of China in its most original sense.

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